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Proven technology even more compact - the WED8-2500 Thanks to the telescopic boom, the WED8-2500 only needs a small 600x600mm space for transport. For the flight, the booms are then pulled out. This makes the WED8-2500 powerful and easy to fly. Whether photo camera, measuring sensors or special solution. A universal holding device allows you to decide freely about the payload to be carried. So you can customize the scope of supply according to your needs - we are happy to advise you!



The workhorse among the copters

Light, yet super stable - the Quadro WED4-1000. Thanks to the light aluminum / carbon frame, a large payload of up to 1 kg is possible. And no matter whether it is a photo camera, measuring sensor or special solution. The Drone fits exactly what you need for your job. In this way, you can adapt the purpose of use according to your needs.

Features like GPS-navigation, altitude hold, waypoints and more are possible.
Powerful motor- propeller - combination: 4500mAh LiPo (6s), 12"-APC propellers and  motors
With this set, much more payload can be transported. (like DSLR Canon 5D MarkIII)
Delivered products may differ from the picture.

Our Drones

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